Creative Coding


Here are some of my favorite projects I created in a creative coding class using p5.js. In this class, I learned how to create interactive projects that respond to the user’s input. As a result, I was able to create work that is variable and changes depending on how people interact with it.

I created a music visualizer for Prelude by Tember Blanche, inspired by the awakening of nature before spring. 
Click on the image to play the prerecorded interaction with the project, and you can explore it by clicking here.

Explore the poster here.
I created an interactive poster for the exhibition The River Wailed Like a Wounded Beast, which explores the cinematic representation of the conquest of the Dnieper. The poster shows the river's past and present through snapshots of the movies and photos presented at the event. The grid system shows what people have done to the river, and the flow field overlay represents overflowing water that floods everything around whenever the dam on the river is built or destroyed.      2024